Sous vide baby carrots with bulgur, goat cheese, and pistachios

This elegant vegetarian appetizer was inspired by a more elaborate version we enjoyed at Alma** in Lisbon. The combination of flavors and textures is very nice. The sweetness of the carrots goes well with the tartness of the goat cheese … Continue reading Sous vide baby carrots with bulgur, goat cheese, and pistachios

Rack of Lamb with Carrot Puree, Thyme, Ginger and Cumin

I had a craving for rack of lamb after seeing Conor’s post on herbed rack of lamb. I picked up a nice rack of lamb, thinking I’d serve it with a sauce with a hint of ginger. When I thought about what to serve with it, I also remembered Conor’s post about carrot and ginger soup. And so I decided to serve the lamb with a carrot puree. Carrot, ginger, and cumin go well together, and lamb, ginger, and cumin go well together. So then lamb, carrot, ginger, and cumin should all go well together. And they did! There was only a hint of the thyme, ginger, and cumin in the final dish, but they did bring out the flavor of the lamb and the carrots very nicely. Continue reading “Rack of Lamb with Carrot Puree, Thyme, Ginger and Cumin”

Pasta with Carrot sauce (Fusilli alle Carote)

Before I started blogging, I used carrots mostly as supporting ingredients in stocks and stews, one of the few exceptions being hutspot sometimes in winter. Fellow bloggers have inspired me to give carrots a leading role as well. This is another primo piatto using carrots inspired by with some adaptations. This one’s even easier to make than the carrot risotto. And if you prepare the carrots the night before like I did, it only takes as long to prepare this dish as it takes to boil the pasta. Fusilli (similar to the rotelle used by K. on $35 a week) are a good pasta … Continue reading Pasta with Carrot sauce (Fusilli alle Carote)

Carrot Risotto (Risotto alle Carote)

I’ve enjoyed cooking for a long time, but since I started blogging about it I’ve been experimenting and trying new things much more often than before. One of the big drivers of this is that other bloggers inspire me. One of the blogs that I get a lot of inspiration from is She posts a lot of things that sound and look delicious that I’ve never cooked before. One of those dishes was Roasted carrot & thyme risotto. Carrots are one of those vegetables that are healthy, cheap, and readily available, but can be a bit boring. So I … Continue reading Carrot Risotto (Risotto alle Carote)