Mimi’s Cranberry Hazelnut Cookies

Most of my food shopping is planned, but sometimes I buy an ingredient on a whim because I haven’t used it in a while, without having a plan what to do with it. And so I had some cranberries sitting in my fridge, waiting for a purpose. The last time I had to throw them out because they had gone bad before I used them. Cranberries are not on my usual repertoire. When I saw Mimi’s recipe for Cranberry Hazelnut cookies, I knew I had found the destiny of those cranberries as I also had some hazelnuts I needed to use up. I’m glad that I did, because they were great! The combination of cranberries and hazelnuts works very well, and the cranberries give the cookies a very nice freshness. I also liked the soft tender texture of the cookies very much. I will definitely make them again. Thanks, Mimi!
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