Dutch Pea Soup Sous Vide (Erwtensoep)

Someone in our Dutch sous vide group on Facebook asked if anyone had ever tried to make erwtensoep (Dutch pea soup) sous vide. I had not, and my first thought was that it didn’t make any sense, because the peas … Continue reading Dutch Pea Soup Sous Vide (Erwtensoep)

Smoked Ham Hock Sous-Vide

Ham hocks (pork shanks) are an inexpensive cut of meat. They can be turned into something delicious by first hot smoking them and then cooking them sous-vide. This is a technique I’ve used before on ham of lamb and brisket, and I wanted to try it on a ham hock. It was absolutely delicious. A light smoky flavor, tender and juicy. Many recipes call for brining the ham hock first, but there does not seem to be a reason to do this for this preparation. The sous-vide cooking allows the smoky flavors to penetrate all the way to the core of the meat and will turn the meat completely tender without drying it out. Continue reading “Smoked Ham Hock Sous-Vide”