Ravioli workshop

Some friends wanted to learn how to make home-made ravioli, so last Sunday I came over for a ravioli workshop! It was a lot of fun and very rewarding to see that by the end of the evening everyone was … Continue reading Ravioli workshop

Pappardelle ai funghi (Pappardelle with mushrooms)

A long-time favorite of Kees is home-made pappardelle with mushrooms. So when I asked him what he’d like to eat, it wasn’t a surprise that he asked for this dish. If fresh porcini mushrooms are available, you could of course use those. But since they are hardly ever available at a good quality around here, I usually make this with dried porcini mushrooms. This has the added advantage that you can use the soaking liquid for the sauce. You could also make this pasta with store-bought pappardelle, but it’s better with home-made because of the more interesting texture. Ingredients For … Continue reading Pappardelle ai funghi (Pappardelle with mushrooms)