Kräuterprinten (German Spiced Cookies)

I had never heard about Kräuterprinten until I noticed I would need them to prepare Sauerbraten. I googled them and found out they are German spiced cookies that are not available around here, so I decided to bake them myself. They … Continue reading Kräuterprinten (German Spiced Cookies)

Ciambelline al Vino

When he tasted my cantuccini, my co-worker Mauro said that he usually prefers ciambelline al vino, the typical cookies from his home-town Rome. I had never heard of those, but decided to make them and liked them. You can make them with either white wine or red wine. Although I have not tested this theory myself, I believe these cookies are very suitable to bake with children. Easy dough and an interesting shape. The alcohol will of course evaporate when they are baked. On a side note: this morning I finally succeeded in booking a table at l’Astrance*** in Paris! … Continue reading Ciambelline al Vino