Rack of Lamb Sous-Vide & Broiled

Rack of lamb is one of my favorite types of meat. A perfectly cooked rack of lamb should be medium rare on the inside and nicely browned and crispy on the outside. When cooking a rack of lamb in the … Continue reading Rack of Lamb Sous-Vide & Broiled

Broiled Cod alla Romagnola (Grigliata di Pesce alla Romagnola)

On the Adriatic seacoast of Romagna, all kinds of seafood are marinated with parsley, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, and then coated with breadcrumbs and grilled or broiled. The marinade gives the seafood a nice flavor, whereas the breadcrumbs help to keep the seafood tender and moist. This recipe is quite similar to ChgoJohn’s recipe for Bacala alla Griglia, which is not surprising since the Marche region where is family comes from is just south of Romagna. Continue reading “Broiled Cod alla Romagnola (Grigliata di Pesce alla Romagnola)”