Rack of Lamb Sous-Vide & Broiled

Rack of lamb is one of my favorite types of meat. A perfectly cooked rack of lamb should be medium rare on the inside and nicely browned and crispy on the outside. When cooking a rack of lamb in the oven or under the broiler, the outside will be great but a large part of the inside will be overcooked. With a combination of a broiler and sous-vide, it can be perfect on the inside as well. You can choose to use the broiler before or after sous-vide. If you start with the broiler then you will lose the crispiness. If you end with the broiler, there is a risk of overcooking the inside. This time I decided to do both, with just a very brief time under the broiler at the end to get the crispness without overcooking. I’d say the photo speaks for itself that it was a success. Here’s what I did…


All you need is rack of lamb (preferably Dutch), salt, freshly ground black pepper, and olive oil.


Preheat the broiler. Wrap the bones with aluminum foil so they won’t burn. Rub the rack of lamb with salt, freshly ground black pepper, and olive oil on all sides.

Broil with the fat side up, close to the broiling element, until golden brown and some of the fat has rendered. Not longer than 5 minutes or so, as you don’t want to overcook the inside.

Take it out of the oven…

…and turn it over.

Broil for about 3 minutes on the other side, until just browned.

Allow the lamb to cool…

…before vacuum sealing. Cook sous-vide at 55C/131F for 2 hours. If you like it tender and have the time, leave them in longer, like 4 hours.

Afterwards, take the rack of lamb out of the bag and pat dry with paper towels. Rub with olive oil and make sure the broiler has been preheated.

Now broil briefly, about 1 minute on the flesh side and 2 minutes on the fat side, just to get them crispy.

Serve at once or after a brief rest.



These pistachio-orange cookies are amazing and much easier to make than you’d think. The flavor of the orange zest blends in to support the pistachios, rather than being the star. These delicious pistachio-orange cookies have great depth of flavor. They aren’t crispy but nicely chewy. They are made without flour, only from toasted and then ground pistachios, and are therefore gluten-free.


5 thoughts on “Rack of Lamb Sous-Vide & Broiled

  1. My favourite part of my favourite meat! Costs a ferocious amount in a supposedly ‘lamb country’ ! Love that you have kept its perfection so simple! I normally put racks (marinated or otherwise) in the oven if whole and under the grill if in cutlets.

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    1. Hi Stefan

      Recipe to the point as usual 🙂
      May I suggest to make the visual of the lamb rack
      really perfect by replacing the second
      broiling ( after the SV process) with a kitchen blow torch,
      which are not the small ones to color crème brûlée.
      If your readers have such a one in their kitchen, they can
      never miss it anymore for a single day 😉

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  2. Hi Stefan, your blogs are really inspirational. Like all the stuff you do with meats especially. Hope you continue to inspire 😊. Best wishes, Edmée

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