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This page is more for my sake as it is for yours, since this will help me to keep track of all the ideas that have popped into my head or that I’ve come across in another blog that I’d like to try for myself.

Please leave a comment if there is something else you think I should try…

Here’s my ‘to do list’ in completely random order:

30 thoughts on “Coming soon…

  1. We did rabbit with mustard last night! Sous vide the rabbit as you suggested for 4 hours a 60C with a small lump of butter and a couple of bay leaves. Fried shallots (chopped large) in olive oil with chopped streaky smoked bacon until browned; added a slug of sherry and two large teaspoons grain mustard and cooked down, added large slug of double cream and cooked down, then added the rabbit for final 5 mins (and another slug of sherry to loosen the sauce). Very nice! (recipe roughly based on one in Game cookbook)


      1. It was a smallish farmed rabbit, so i did the whole beast. Texture was fine – the loin possibly slightly soft, but the legs were fine, easy to cut into, not stringy at all… Definitely worth doing again


        1. Thanks. I’ve only done legs so far and I was expecting the loins to be cooked more quickly than the legs. I actually want to try cooking the loins just to temperature (1 hour or so) rather than 4 hours, and then searing them.


  2. love your ideas Stefan, very systematic, and the chilis in adobo look divine, I made my own sauce too last year, was quite time intensive but I agree with you that the flavour surpasses anything shop bought by a lot! thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a post – appreciated!

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      1. 🙂 divine indeed! Is it easy for you to source chilis in Amsterdam – I am guessing you can find anything you could possibly want to eat there – possibly with focus on Asian foods though?


        1. There is an online shop for Mexican stuff. A bit limited, but they do have some types of chiles including chipotles. I’ve also gotten some through a blogging buddy from Texas.
          Amsterdam is pretty good in sourcing ingredients, and you are right that there is a lot of Asian stuff. There is also some Italian stuff, but obviously not the more local products. For instance guanciale I cannot get, so I have to cure it myself 🙂


              1. wow and you work 4 days a week AND you still manage to write a perfect blog, spend hours in the kitchen and do research, you must be superman or else you only need to sleep 4 hours :)! or maybe both – I am happy to hear you haven’t got a pacojet, I was pretty sure you must have one, if you haven’t come across one yet, check them out, they are very very enticing, and very very expensive :)!! look forward to reading more on your blog Stefan!


      1. It needs to be slowly cooked before frying. Interesting to find out the difference between pouch and Sous vide…
        Would it keep its tastes better in the vacuum sound vide bag?

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  3. So, the poached version was the better one. The sous vide version was a little bit more “tighter” or rubber like. It’s not easy to describe, both were soft and juicy, but I liked the poached version better.
    However, it could also be a matter often the cooking time in the sous vide. I used the advice from Sidney Schutte in a Video.(
    He suggests in the video 45 min. (However the recipe text says 1h15…and reversed poaching and frying?)
    Maybe double the time in a next experiment?

    Best regards and very gourmet 2017!


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    1. Thanks Frans, this will be useful to know when I ever get to trying to prepare zwerik/thymus myself.
      Very often chef’s recipes are inaccurate and/or incomplete. Not sure why, although in many cases I wonder if they are expecting others to ever actually cook them.


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