1 Year StefanGourmet.com!

On November 30, 2011, at 11:07am I posted for the first time on this blog, explaining why I had decided to start blogging. Now, exactly one year later (with a little help from WordPress’s scheduling feature), I am looking back on a wonderful year of food blogging. What I didn’t realize when I started, is that blogging is as much about receiving as it is about giving. I was hoping to receive some feedback on my posts, and after a slow start that really took off and all your nice comments and ‘likes’ have become somewhat of an addiction. But I got even more out of entering the blogging world by following fellow food bloggers. Your ideas have inspired me to try new ingredients, new techniques and new combinations. Thank you all so much for making this such a great experience! Kees, thanks again for suggesting I should start blogging!

In my first post I promised that I would “strive to share every single interesting experience with respect to food and wine”. Looking back, I can honestly say that I have. When I wrote that, I didn’t fully realize that entering the blogging world also meant that I would have (many) more interesting food experiences than I had before I started blogging. Not only because of the constant supply of new ideas to try from other bloggers, but also because the need to blog is a constant motivation to cook new dishes more often than I did before. Usually on Friday I decide what I’m going to cook for the upcoming week and then shop for everything. Before I started blogging, I would often be lazy and pick something easy that we both like, such as pasta with chicken and pesto. Now I’m always considering whether I’ll have enough new dishes to blog about, and I often look at my ‘Coming soon’ list for ideas.

It’s a good thing I ride the train to work, because the time on the train is just enough to follow other bloggers, leave comments, and react to comments I receive. This interaction is just wonderful and an important factor in what makes food blogging so interesting and fun. I would love for all of my blogging friends to meet and go on a big cooking spree together, but alas that’s not going to happen with the distances involved.

I’m looking forward to another year of blogging and ‘talking’ with you guys!

To finish, here are some statistics about the first year.

243 posts (an average of 4.7 posts per week)

Over 35,000 views in the first year, the daily average climbing slowly but steadily to over 200 in November 2012

Over 165 followers, with new followers still signing up on a weekly basis

Over 1,500 comments (and almost 5,000 spam comments)

Post with the highest number of views: Best temperature for Beef Short Ribs Sous-vide (other posts about sous-vide are also very popular; Google seems to have determined that this blog is a good resource for sous-vide).

Undeserved unpopular post: my Tiramisù is great, but I posted it when the blog was still unknown to most of you. It deserves more than the 26 views and 0 likes it now has.

Post with most comments: Duck Leg Confit Sous-vide (29 comments)

Post with most likes: Cake with Plums, Almonds and Orange (23 likes)

Most popular search term: lobster sous-vide (occurs over 500 times)


20 thoughts on “1 Year StefanGourmet.com!

  1. Congrats on your 1st anniversary, Stefan! Thank you for sharing those lovely recipes with us (and for letting me have a taste once in a while ; D)!



  2. Interesting analysis. We started blogging at almost the same time and I too have just over 35k views. However you have steadily increased your viewership month on month whilst mine is up and down – primarily I think because my posting is far less consistent that yours. I think I’ll do a review like yours now! Well not right now I’m at work


    1. LOL! I only have time to blog during my commute, not actually at work. I thought you have much more followers than I have, so I’m surprised you have a similar amount of views.


  3. Congrats Stefan!! Your blog has been a highlight in my reader. And you are right- there is so much give and take, so much positiveness, that this blogging thing does become something of an addiction.


  4. Excellent stuff Stefan,
    You deserve all the accolades that have and will appear here in the comments. My posting and views had been less frequent and a bit more haphazard than yours. The net result is I have less viewers. I do believe that the random nature of my posting can prevent decent organic traffic. On the up side, I am now receiving at least one visitor a day who searches for ‘naked bald men’. The mind boggles.
    Keep up the excellent work. Your cook-up idea appeals.


    1. Thanks Conor. I think I get part of my traffic because there are not many good resources for sous-vide information on the web. And even though only part of my posts is about sous-vide, from the search terms it seems that most people finding me through google are looking for that kind of stuff.
      I usually read your posts first when I’m checking out new posts in my inbox, as they are not only interesting but also entertaining.
      You are one of the closest of my ‘regulars’, so a Dutch-Irish cooking spree should be feasible 🙂


      1. We should organise that in the new year. Aer Lingus always do a sale and Amsterdam is included. It’s years since I was there and I would love to do a bit of photography around the city too. I suspect the Wife would not object (as long as I bring her).


        1. What a great idea! You might want to photograph the tulip fields as well? We could certainly take you there (in the right time of the year that is).
          If you like you can stay in our guest room. We are 20 minutes on the train from downtown Amsterdam.


          1. I see a real plan forming. Would late Jan, early Feb suit? I can make arrangement on this end. It could be great fun. Perhaps we should take this off the blog. and continue by mail conorbofin at gmail dot com.


  5. Congrats. Yours is one of our favorite blogs and not just for sous-vide (although you are the first site we check for sous-vide recipes). We enjoy the recipes and restaurant reviews. Very jealous of your easy access to so many Michelin-starred restaurants!


  6. Congratulations Stefan! I think all of us cooks out there are better off because of your blog. It does beg the question though: do you and Kees have put on any weight in the last 12 months??


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