Why a blog?

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for cooking, good food and wine with others. It gives me a big thrill when my sharing leads to someone trying something new or developing an interest for wine or cooking. I’ve had a home page on the internet since 1995, where I’ve shared some of my recipes almost from the start. Back in those days the ‘easiest’ way to create a page was to write HTML code using Notepad, so it was quite laborious to share stuff and that is part of the reason why I did not post regular updates. The other reason was a lack of interaction. Posting recipes into a ‘void’ and not knowing if more than a few friends actually read and try them isn’t that much fun.

Nowadays interaction has been made easy thanks to Facebook and there is no more need to write HTML to post stuff on the web. I’ve been sharing some of my cooking and eating experiences and winery visits on Facebook, but there it’s mixed up with unrelated posts, only seen by my Facebook friends and moves out of sight quickly as new messages are posted. Kees suggested to me that I should really start a blog, since that would be a more suitable medium to keep an organized record of my experiences. One that in the future can be used by others (and myself) as a body of knowledge. And he’s right, so here I am!

I’m not going to post any retroactive stuff, but just start from today and will strive to share every single interesting experience with respect to food and wine. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will, and hopefully it will inspire you to try new things or develop new interests, as well as help you cook better and more easily!

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