1000 Posts in 5 Years


Today exactly five years ago, I posted for the first time to announce the birth of this blog to the world. My mission was then and continues to be to “strive to share every single interesting experience with respect to food and wine” with you all. The blog hasn’t been just about sharing, but also for my own record keeping. I use my own blog posts regularly to recreate recipes that I had perfected before. There are so many recipes by now, that sometimes I’m not sure whether or not I have posted about a certain recipe or not, and run a search to find out.


This is the 1000th post on this blog. Out of those posts there are 70 restaurant reviews, 18 posts about wine, and nearly 900 recipes! During those five years there have been almost 1.4 million page views by over 750,000 visitors. Nowadays there are around 1,500 page views per day.

What has kept me going is the interaction with you all. Almost 14,000 comments have been made, and even more likes. Thank you! Please keep them coming! What thrills me most and makes my day is when someone prepares one of my recipes and tells me about it. Or starts to cook sous-vide after reading about it here.

It was my husband Kees who suggested I should start a blog, and he was absolutely right. It has been a great journey and it is far from over yet!


29 thoughts on “1000 Posts in 5 Years

  1. Congratulation! You know, I started my blog for the same reasons as you did, to record my recipes and to share them only with my children. Here you are, one thousand posts!

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  2. A huge ‘thank you’ for all the wonderful lessons and all those restaurant reviews to which I would be a stranger without you. A tremendous journey: so glad Kees encouraged you. Many, many more times of bringing us joy in whatever part of the world we are domiciled . . . . if I may, big hugs to you both . . .

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  3. The kind of blogging that you do takes an incredible amount of time, thought and effort. I applaud your work and have learned from it. Thank you on this auspicious occasion!

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  4. My first post was 12/30/2011 so coming up on my sixth year I guess… I’ve enjoyed following and reading all of your posts, and YES, you got me to buy a sous vide immersion circulator (well along with Conor). So job well done Stefan!

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  5. Thank you for a great blog. I don’t comment often but I’ve made many of your recipes (sous vide and other) and enjoyed every one of them.

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  6. This is quite an accomplishment, Stefan, and you should be very proud. Your blog is an excellent source for all things food and WP just wouldn’t be the same without your contributions. Congratulations and thank you.

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  7. Thanks for all that effort. I have used many recipes and when looking for something new I will always check your take on it first. Keep on going!

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  8. Thanks for all the effort you have put into this. I have used many recipes and will always, when looking for something new, check this blog first. Keep on going!

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