Dining in Italy: Fradis Minoris*

Fradis Minoris is a fish restaurant on the southern coast of Sardinia in the town of Pula that has just received its first Michelin star. It is located on the dam that separates the lagoon of Nora from the open … Continue reading Dining in Italy: Fradis Minoris*

Dining in Amsterdam: 212* (2020)

I’ve been following chef Richard van Oostenbrugge since he started as the chef of Bord’eau in Hotel de l’Europe in Amsterdam. After gaining two Michelin stars, he started his own restaurant 212 and this is our second visit. 212 has been open for 2 years and now has one Michelin star. The restaurant is different from most other Michelin-starred restaurants as the seating is at a bar around the kitchen where you can see the dishes being finished. (The actual kitchen is downstairs.) We opted for the six course tasting menu (138 euros) with premium wine pairing (118 euros). The … Continue reading Dining in Amsterdam: 212* (2020)

Dining in Amsterdam: Vermeer* (2017)

It was over 4 years ago that I last dined at Vermeer, the one Michelin star restaurant of chef Chris Naylor, located just across the street from Central Station in Amsterdam. As you can read here in the review of my previous visit, it was good then but not spectacular. I had recently heard good things about it, and when I read an interview with the maitre in which he explained they had upgraded the wine pairings to be able to serve wines at par with the food, I decided to check it out again. I’m glad that I did, … Continue reading Dining in Amsterdam: Vermeer* (2017)

Dining in Amsterdam: Ron Gastrobar*

Chef Ron Blaauw gave up his restaurant with two Michelin stars (at which I never dined) and replaced it with a “gastrobar”, which after its first year received a single Michelin star. Ron Blaauw wanted to create a more accessible restaurant, and I think he has succeeded. At Ron Gastrobar you can order as many dishes as you like for 15 euros (about US$ 20) each. They are of an intermediate portion size: not as big as a main course, but not a small bite either. Three or four dishes are enough for a meal. The term  “gastrobar” also means that there are a lot of tables and quite close together. The restaurant is a bit like a “grand café”.  I was curious about this new restaurant, and so I went to check it out. (Photos taken with my iPhone in bad lighting conditions.) Continue reading “Dining in Amsterdam: Ron Gastrobar*”

Dining in Amsterdam: Lastage*

Lastage opened up less than two years ago at a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Central station. I tried it last year and was impressed with the quality of the food, wine, and service, especially considering the very affordable prices. Meanwhile they have been awarded a Michelin star, but the prices are still the same. You can choose 3 to 6 courses with 2 choices per course for 38 to 62 euros (US$ 48 to 78 at today’s exchange rate), with matching wines for 7.50 euros ($9.50) per glass. Given this price level this is a very good place for a … Continue reading Dining in Amsterdam: Lastage*