Dining in Amsterdam: Lastage*

Lastage opened up less than two years ago at a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Central station. I tried it last year and was impressed with the quality of the food, wine, and service, especially considering the very affordable prices. Meanwhile they have been awarded a Michelin star, but the prices are still the same. You can choose 3 to 6 courses with 2 choices per course for 38 to 62 euros (US$ 48 to 78 at today’s exchange rate), with matching wines for 7.50 euros ($9.50) per glass. Given this price level this is a very good place for a casual dinner like I had last night with one of my best friends. The pictures were taken with my iPhone.

Tartare of mackerel with apple, beetroot, water cress and lobster terrine

It looks great but the lobster lacks flavor. 7/10

Paired with a Spanish white from 4 local grapes including albariño. The wine didn’t clash, but wasn’t a great match either.

Nage with cockles, cod, razor clam and kohlrabi

Again great presentation and this time a lot of flavor. 8/10

Paired OK with a Spanish garnacha blanca from Penedes.

Monkfish in San Daniele prosciutto

Classic combination, good texture of the monkfish. 8/10

Good pairing with a Sicilian white from the Etna, made from local grapes.

Lamb saddle and lamb neck confit with white asparagus, chevre charolais, mushrooms and sea lavender

Very tender lamb (cooked sous-vide?). 8/10

Pairing with Valpolicella did not work as the bold flavors of the Valpolicella overpowered the elegant taste of the lamb. I left half my glass and the waitress just took it away without asking anything. My friend had seabass paired with a 100% sauvignon oaked white Bordeaux that was good as well as a good pairing.

Chocolate, champagne sabayon, vanilla ice-cream and strawberries

Nice combination of flavors and textures. 8/10

The very nice Zweigelt Beerenauslese from Neusiedlersee, Austria paired very well with the strawberries but not so much with the chocolate.

Like I recently wrote about Combal.Zero, a ‘sequel’ to a restaurant visit is always difficult. There are other restaurants in Amsterdam with the same quality and price level without a Michelin star, but that doesn’t mean that Lastage is not a great place to go. In my memory the wine pairings were better the last time and the food was more original. The food looks great, but perhaps a bit more attention could be given to the taste as well. Having said that, it’s definitely  a recommended place to go, which I’d rate 8/10 for food and service and 7/10 for the wine pairings (8/10 for the quality of the wines).


2 thoughts on “Dining in Amsterdam: Lastage*

  1. I’d hate to have you in our house for dinner. I reckon we might do poorly on the wine paring and get a 5/10.
    I envy you the fine dining.


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