1000 Posts in 5 Years

Today exactly five years ago, I posted for the first time to announce the birth of this blog to the world. My mission was then and continues to be to “strive to share every single interesting experience with respect to food and wine” with you all. The blog hasn’t been just about sharing, but also for my own record keeping. I use my own blog posts regularly to recreate recipes that I had perfected before. There are so many recipes by now, that sometimes I’m not sure whether or not I have posted about a certain recipe or not, and run … Continue reading 1000 Posts in 5 Years

A Culinary Experience in the Netherlands: Librije***

Every year since De Librije has been awarded its third star (in late 2004) we have celebrated our wedding anniversary on June 15th with a dinner at De Librije. The first time in 2005 was very special, as it was our first dinner at a three-star restaurant and we were completely blown away by both the food and the wine. As I’ve written before, follow-up visits to a restaurant are like sequels to a movie: it is hard to beat that first great experience. But De Librije has held up quite strongly, and that’s why we keep coming back. Soon De Librije will be the only three-star restaurant in the Netherlands, as Oud Sluis is going to close. Continue reading “A Culinary Experience in the Netherlands: Librije***”