Taiwanese Oyster Cakes

We really loved the street food in Taiwan. On the island of Cijin that is part of the harbor city of Kaohsiung, we had very tasty oyster cakes. You could also call them fritters, because the oysters are deep fried … Continue reading Taiwanese Oyster Cakes


Stuffed pasta such as ravioli can probably be classified as my signature dish. I love to prepare them and I love to eat them. Twice a year I organize a wine & food extravaganza for my friends — two evenings with a multi-course dinner with two different paired wines with each course to compare them and find out which one is the best match. After the Burgundy theme earlier this year, it is now time for the Italian region of Piemonte. Piemonte is the home of great wines such as Barolo and the home of great Italian food. After the Barolo Chinato (which I will serve with the dessert) I wrote about yesterday, today’s post is about the one of the primi piatti (pasta dishes) I will serve during my serata piemontese: Agnolotti.

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35aweek’s Pasta with Cabbage and Gorgonzola

After the success with the parsnip ragù from $35 a week I decided to try her recipe for pasta with cabbage and gorgonzola well. I’m always looking for new ways to use vegetables, especially if I don’t eat them very often like cabbage. This recipe is very simple, quick and tasty, especially if you like blue cheese because that’s what it tastes like! With pasta dishes I always try to match the texture of the pasta with the texture of the sauce (or create a contrast on purpose). Since this sauce has a ‘fine’ texture, I decided to use gnocchetti rather … Continue reading 35aweek’s Pasta with Cabbage and Gorgonzola