Spaghetti with Mackerel and Breadcrumbs (Spaghetti allo Sgombro con pangrattato dorato)

Bea has Sicilian roots and that clearly shows in the recipe for Vermicelli alle Alici con pangrattato dorato that she posted recently. Since fresh anchovies are not so easy to find around here and it is a lot of work to clean … Continue reading Spaghetti with Mackerel and Breadcrumbs (Spaghetti allo Sgombro con pangrattato dorato)

Pasta with Anchovies and Broccoli (Orecchiette Alici e Broccoli)

This Southern Italian pasta dish has loads of flavor and texture: orecchiete pasta, broccoli, fresh anchovies, sundried tomatoes, crunchy sautéed breadcrumbs, chile pepper, and parsley. Those sautéed breadcrumbs are a good alternative for cheese (which is ‘forbidden’ on a pasta … Continue reading Pasta with Anchovies and Broccoli (Orecchiette Alici e Broccoli)

Mackerel Ceviche

Ceviche is a South American way of ‘cooking’ seafood in lime juice without using any heat. I like to use it with a strong-flavored fish such as mackerel, since the citrus would otherwise overpower the delicate taste of the fish. It is very easy to make; the only thing you need is very fresh (sushi grade) fish. I am not a big fan of cilantro (coriander), but in small doses it adds something to this dish. Ingredients For 2 or 4 servings as an appetizer 4 sushi grade mackerel fillets without skin, about 450 grams (1 pound) total weight 4 … Continue reading Mackerel Ceviche

Venetian marinated Mackerel ‘in saor’ sous-vide

A classic and delicious dish from Venice is pesce in saôr, which does not mean ‘sour’ fish but ‘flavored’ fish (saôr comes from ‘sapore’). The recipe was invented in Venice as a way to preserve fish, and even though we have refrigerators nowadays we still make it because it is so tasty! In this modern version I’ve made two changes to the classical recipe: I’ve used mackerel rather than the more usual white fish (such as cod or hake) and I’ve cooked the fish sous-vide. When you use white fish, the subtle flavor of the fish will be overpowered by the … Continue reading Venetian marinated Mackerel ‘in saor’ sous-vide

Mackerel & Sauerkraut Quiche

Mackerel is healthy to eat because of the omega-3 fatty acids it contains. After discovering by accident that sauerkraut and smoked mackerel go really well together, I decided to try making a mackerel & sauerkraut quiche. And guess what? It was really good, so I’ve been making it more often since. Apart from the baking time it doesn’t take much time to make it at all, as little as 5 minutes if you use a store-bought pie crust for the quiche. I’ve found that it’s not easy to make a better pie crust yourself than what you can buy in the … Continue reading Mackerel & Sauerkraut Quiche