Orange Cake (Torta all’Arancia)

This orange cake is simple to make but has a special flavor because of the orange juice, orange zest, and orange syrup. I’ve made it using this Italian recipe, with some minor changes. It is great for breakfast (very Italian … Continue reading Orange Cake (Torta all’Arancia)

Certosino di Bologna (Fruitcake from Bologna)

Another traditional Christmas dish from Bologna with an ‘official’ recipe is Certosino or Pan Speziale (“spicy bread”). I had never made it before, but I really liked it and will certainly make it again. Originally it was named after the pharmacists (called “speziali”) that made this in medieval times, but later it was made by the monks of Certosa and named after that. The official recipe has been deposited only in 2003 and is now a “Specialità tradizionale garantita”. Italian recipes are often imprecise and this is no exception, although the quantities are specified. It reads “Amalgamare spezie, lievito, miele, zucchero, … Continue reading Certosino di Bologna (Fruitcake from Bologna)