Rabbit Ravioli (Ravioli di Coniglio)

For these ravioli I wanted the delicate flavor of the (farmed) rabbit to shine. To accomplish that, I did not use any other prominent ingredients, and squeezed all of the flavor out of the rabbit by making a stock from … Continue reading Rabbit Ravioli (Ravioli di Coniglio)

Chicken Ravioli with Sage

I’ve never seen ravioli with a chicken filling before, but I couldn’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t be nice so I decided to give it a try. I used a good quality free-range chicken with a lot of flavor, cooked the legs sous-vide for the filling and used the rest to make a chicken demi-glace (reduced stock) for the sauce. You could also just braise the chicken legs instead, so it is not needed to own a sous-vide cooker to be able to give this a try. The chicken ravioli turned out just like the name suggests, with a good chicken flavor. The concentrated flavor of the sauce helped to get this effect. If you like chicken, you’ll love these ravioli. Here’s what I did… Continue reading “Chicken Ravioli with Sage”