Mackerel ‘in Saor’ (Sgombro in Saor)

A classic and delicious dish from Venice is pesce in saôr, which does not mean ‘sour’ fish but ‘flavored’ fish (saôr comes from ‘sapore’). The recipe was invented in Venice as a way to preserve fish, and even though we have … Continue reading Mackerel ‘in Saor’ (Sgombro in Saor)

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

The final of five batches of a dozen muffins baked to celebrate my birthday at work: apple cinnamon muffins. I used a recipe from Putney Farm, thanks guys!  My original plan was to do only 4 batches, but I wondered if that would be enough and since I still had two apples lying around that were about to become wrinkly, I decided to make these as well. I’m glad that I did: I liked them a lot and so did my coworkers! The recipe is not very sweet, so this is also an excellent muffin to make for breakfast. Like Putney … Continue reading Apple Cinnamon Muffins