Top 10 Tips for the Best Home Made Pizza

If you apply the tips in this article, your home made pizza can be as good as what you get in most pizzerias, or even better. And you don’t even need a wood-fired pizza oven. Pizza has an interesting history, … Continue reading Top 10 Tips for the Best Home Made Pizza

Homemade Italian Bread

When I have guests over for dinner, chances are I will cook a 4-course Italian dinner for them (antipasto, primo, secondo, dolce). With such a dinner I always bake this bread. Freshly baked bread is a treat that will impress your guests. It is not a lot of work if you have a stand mixer. Allow about 4 hours from start to ready to slice, but most of that is inactive time. Bread is also great for fare la scarpetta, cleaning every last drop of sauce from your plate with bread. This bread has a great crust and neutral flavor that doesn’t overpower the food. This is the reason why I do not generally bake bread stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, or the like, because then the bread would play the lead rather than a supporting role. Continue reading “Homemade Italian Bread”