Dining in Denmark: Geranium***

Geranium in Copenhagen by chef Rasmus Kofoed has held 3 Michelin stars since 2016 and is ranked 6th on the World’s 50 best restaurants. A perfect location to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. The restaurant is located on the top floor of Copenhagen’s soccer stadium and offers wonderful sunset views. There is a set menu of 18 courses for DKK 3200. The wine pairing is offered at four price points: DKK 2000, 4000, 6000, or a whopping 18,000. We opted for the DKK 4000 pairing. It is very difficult to get a reservation, as the number of tables is limited. … Continue reading Dining in Denmark: Geranium***

Risotto alla Longobarda (Risotto with Dried Porcini Mushrooms, Taleggio, and Saffron)

Last fall we had a wonderful evening with Bea at Antica Trattoria Galleria in Milano, where we enjoyed a risotto that was listed on the menu as Risotto all Longobarda. It contained porcini mushrooms, taleggio cheese, and saffron. Here is … Continue reading Risotto alla Longobarda (Risotto with Dried Porcini Mushrooms, Taleggio, and Saffron)

Laab ลาบหมู  (Thai Ground Pork Salad)

When we think of salad, we think of lettuce and vegetables. But in Thai cooking, a salad can apparently also consist mostly of… ground pork! This dish is called “Laab” and it is very tasty. The ground pork is cooked, but served at room temperature with a dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, chili flakes, toasted rice powder, shallots, and a lot of fresh herbs: mint, cilantro, and green onions. The toasted rice powder adds both texture and a nutty flavor. Steamed sticky rice is served on the side. I’ve made it following Hot Thai Kitchen’s recipe. Ingredients Serves 2 … Continue reading Laab ลาบหมู  (Thai Ground Pork Salad)