Dining on Costa Adeje, Tenerife

We’ve just spent a week on Tenerife on the Costa Adeje. Most of the restaurants there are cheap and offer mediocre quality at best. Reviews on the internet are not of much use because most people going here seem to like this mediocre food and appear to award five stars (out of five) only if the service is friendly. Although we have not sampled restaurants exhaustively, here’s my take from a week’s stay with links to the full reviews I posted on TripAdvisor.

1. Rosso sul Mare in La Caleta: our favorite. Authentic Italian, great seafood, nice decor, good view, good wine list, dishes between 10 and 20 euros. We spent around 125 euros for 2 including wine. Food 9/10, service 8/10, value 8/10.

2. El Patio in Hotel Jardin Tropical (Playa Las Américas): more formal, for special occasions. Original contemporary cuisine with a local touch. Not quite good enough for a Michelin star. Excellent wine pairings. We spent 175 euros for 2 including wine. Food 8.5/10, service 8/10, wine 9/10, value 8/10.

3. San Marco in El Duque. Straightforward Italian food by actual Italians. Would be average in Italy but stands out from the crowd in Costa Adeje. We spent 80 euros for 2 including wine. Food 7/10, service 7/10, value 7/10.

4. Capri Little Italy in Playa de Fañabé. Less authentic than San Marco but cheaper and not bad. We spent 40 euros for 2 including wine. Food 6.5/10, service 7/10, value 8/10.

We also tried Great Little Italy (food 5/10, service 7/10, value 6/10) and La Brasserie (food 6/10, service 7/10, value 6/10) on Playa de Fañabé, but I would not recommend those unless the seaview is really important. For something simple for lunch Edward’s on Playa de Fañabé wasn’t bad and good value (food 7/10, service 6/10, value 8/10).

Conclusion: don’t go to Tenerife for the food, but if you look hard enough you can find decent places even in tourist areas.

2 thoughts on “Dining on Costa Adeje, Tenerife

  1. It seems you were unfortunately staying at the wrong, or at least the less gourmet part of the island. We staid for 3 weeks in the North (La Orotava) . The local food in this area is just sublime. Two recommendations if I may: Restaurant of the Hotel Victoria in La Orotava, excellent value for money (mentioned in Guide Michelin), local traditional haut cuisine in a authentic building. Another must is the Wine Museum ‘Casa del Vino La Baranda’ in El Sauzal, where a French Maître Sommelier has set a high standard for very reasonable costs. Both places have websites.


    1. Thanks for the tip! We had chosen the side of the island to stay on based on the weather. Good to know for a next visit to Tenerife that we should visit the other side for good food.


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