Dining in Amsterdam: Bistrot Neuf

Bistrot Neuf is a brasserie-style French restaurant with classic French food like oysters, lobster, snails, bouillabaisse, cote de boeuf (prime rib), crème brûlée, and a nice wine list with many wines by the glass. The latter is not surprising as it is next to, and affiliated with, wine store Chabrol. The wines are mostly from France with some from other ‘old world’ wine countries. Wine is always expensive in Dutch restaurants, often marked up to 3 times the retail price or more, and unfortunately Bistrot Neuf is no exception to that rule. Expect to pay at least 50 euros for a nice bottle. But the good thing is that since so many wines are available by the glass, it is no problem to taste a wine (free of charge) before ordering a bottle.

The food has nicer prices, with 29.50 euros for a three-course menu with 3 choices for each course, 37.50 for a three-course chef’s menu, and à la carte appetizers between 11 and 15 euros and main courses (the American “entree” for main course is extremely confusing since entrée means appetizer in French) between 20 and 27.50 euros.

Unfortunately my iPhone didn’t take such a great picture this time around

I started with the bouillabaisse, French fish soup, with mussels, clams, cod and jumbo shrimp. It is served with the traditional garnishes of grated gruyere and rouille. The soup had a nice strong flavor and the fish and shellfish was tender and juicy. 8/10

The duo of pheasant I had for main course was the best pheasant I’ve ever had. Pheasant can be quite boring and be dry and/or taste like chicken, but this pheasant was tender, juicy, and full of flavor. The ‘duo’ was the supreme and ballotine, with the supreme being the breast and the ballotine the leg stuffed with rilettes of other dark meat. I even liked the red cabbage (one of the few vegetables that I usually can’t stand), and the morel jus was outstanding. It was a huge portion, but it was so good I cleaned the plate. 9/10

The 70% chocolate cake for dessert was good, but not as chocolaty as I would have liked. 7/10

The service was good. Not always very fast given the low number of servers for such a busy restaurant, but quite flexible in letting us taste the wine, or serving us some brie outside of the menu on request to finish our wine with.

This was my first time at Bistrot Neuf, but it won’t be my last.

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