Dining in Italy: Danêl Ai Cacciatori

When I was planning our trip to Italy, one of the first things I knew for sure was that our route had to include a meal at Ai Cacciatori in Cavasso Nuovo. We had eaten at this trattoria in 2015 and it was absolutely wonderful.

The owner Danêl is amazing. Like I wrote in 2015, he makes you feel like you are the most important guest he has ever had in his restaurant. He remembered me, even though I had eaten there only once and it was six years ago. (There are not that many Italian-speaking male Dutch couples passing by, but still.) I recognized him as well, although he had lost about half his weight since our previous visit!

The menu was almost identical to our previous visit. Although it would have been nice to taste some of those dishes again, I decided to choose dishes that I had not tried before.

The amuse bouche was the same: pickled local onion (Cavasso Nuovo is famous for its onions) with ricotta on bread.

The house wine, a local Refosco, is really good. It is very friendly and matches well with almost all the dishes on the menu, but it does have character (and is not ‘lemonade’).

As antipasto I had duck prosciutto with lettuce, apple, and orange zest. The prosciutto had great flavor.

Due to the sunlight filtered through the curtains, the conditions for taking photos were terrible. But trust me, these pappardelle with pheasant sugo were delicious. The pheasant was tender and juicy, and the sugo very flavorful.

The partridge had been covered with prosciutto and roasted in the oven. It was tender and very flavorful…

…and served with a side of bell peppers and fried potato.

As dolce I chose Sachertorte, which was delicious: moist and with a deep chocolate flavor.

It is fully justified that Ai Cacciatori has held three gamberi from Gambero Rosso for years, as one of the best trattorie in all of Italy. The food is delicious and the service is great, and all for a very reasonable price. We will certainly be back!


6 thoughts on “Dining in Italy: Danêl Ai Cacciatori

  1. Duck prosciutto and pheasant sugo . . . and then partridge all on the same menu . . . incredible !! . . . And I did have a smile on my face reading about the Sacher Torte ! Would not have thought an Italian country inn would have such ion its menu ! Looks like a very special meal and you are certain to be remembered again when your third time arrives . . . best . . .

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    1. The chocolate and banana cake at ‘country inn’ Mariella was also referred to as “like a Sacher Torte”, but I didn’t mention that in my post. It is also interesting because the other famous viennoise dish, Wiener Schnitzel, is always called Cotoletta alla Milanese in Italy.


      1. Well, I am ‘neutral’ but do read a fair amount on ‘food’ ! Have heard before that the famed Wiener Schnitzel actually kind’a stemmed from Italy !!! Hate to sound an utter bore. . . but Italian sounds healthier at my age . . .

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