You had two chances… or is it seven?

There are quite a number of awards circulating in the blogosphere. Liebster Blog, The Versatile Blogger, the Very Inspiring Blogger award, the Sunshine award, the Kreativ Blogger award, and probably some more that I haven’t heard of. Most of these require someone who is nominated for the award to nominate 5 others, or 7, or even 15. As Conor pointed out in his excellent post, the numbers multiply quite quickly and if every winner would actually nominate the required amount of new nominees, after a more limited number of rounds than you might think if you are not into maths, there will be more potential winners than there are blogs on the entire internet. And thus receiving such an award is fun and appreciated, but it’s not very exclusive. And so I decided that after participating in the Liebster Blog award, which was the first award I received as a blogger, I would stop. This was also instigated by the fact that out of the five blogs I nominated, only one actually nominated five others. (Which means by the way that the propagation of blogging awards in practice is not as fast as it could be in theory.) It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciated being nominated for awards, because I do.

Conor introduced the Two Chances Award in a “genuine effort to restore some exclusivity to the obviously tarnished world of blog awards. The rules are simple. A fellow blogger does great stuff and receives the award. You do great stuff, they recognise it for what it is. You have two chances of their awarding it to you. That’s it.”

I was honored to be nominated by the founding father of this award himself. Given the exclusivity of The Two Chances Award and my great esteem for Conor, I decided to make an exception and participate in this award after all. So together with the Liebster Blog, you’ve had seven chances to be nominated by me and that’s it. (Unless someone else comes up with a really good idea. A One Chance Award, perhaps?)

This leaves me with the difficult task of deciding which blogs deserve the exclusive honor to be awarded a Two Chances Award. Conor would certainly deserve it himself, because of his good recipes, witty writing and excellent photography (with or without all the ingredients). But it seems a bit strange to nominate the blog where the award originated, so I had some more thinking to do.

To shorten the list of prospects, I decided to exclude blogs that received a Liebster Blog nomination from me. And that gave me an idea. When I decided on those, I selected the blogs that I like with the lowest number of followers since the whole point of the Liebster Blog is to help a new blog get more followers. There were two blogs on my short-list for Liebster that had more followers than the others and were therefore not selected, so this is a good time to nominate those.

Drum rolls…

I would like to nominate for the Two Chances Award:

Emmy Cooks – Because she blogs faithfully every day (usually when I’m on the tram to work), has good recipes and good taste (I forgive you for putting parmigiano on pasta with salmon), inspires me to do more with vegetables and experiment, and frames the recipes nicely with insights into her family life and the way she thinks about food. Thus we get to know the person behind the recipes a bit, which is great.

Meatballs & Milkshakes – Because of her authentic Italian recipes that provide inspiration for me to try new things.

7 thoughts on “You had two chances… or is it seven?

  1. Excellently put. You are living proof that the maths don’t work in practice as I suggest they do in theory. Of the two that I nominated (and the two who got the ‘launch bonus’), you are the only one to move it along. I am off to check out the round two nominees. Lovely post by the way. Particularly because of the nice things that you say about my blog!


  2. Wait, I thought we could do that now! 🙂

    Stefan, thank you so much for the kind words about Emmy Cooks. I enjoy cooking with you so much!

    As much as I appreciate the honor you have bestowed upon me, and Conor’s excellent math, I cannot pass this award along because selecting only two blogs (or even 7 or 15 blogs, honestly) that I love best is impossible. What I love is all these people cooking and sharing their recipes and tips and experiences and photos with me as if we were all in one big kitchen together. What a dream come true, to be able to learn from so many experienced and enthusiastic cooks! Thank you for all that you are contributing to my education. 🙂

    (And I hope that you won’t mind if I post this same response to your comment on my page as well–I do so appreciate that you are enjoying Emmy Cooks!)


    1. I don’t mind at all posting it twice!
      As for cheese on seafood pasta, I totally agree with the statement on Serious Eats: “Good cooks who really know what they are doing can judiciously incorporate cheese into seafood pasta dishes in ingenious and delicious ways.” The reason why it is generally considered a heresy to put cheese on seafood pasta, is that the cheese will overwhelm the delicate flavor of the seafood or even clash with it. Contrary to what is written on Serious Eats, I have never been served cheese over seafood pasta in Italy. I was half joking and half serious, as I did wonder whether the parmigiano wouldn’t overwhelm the salmon in your recipe, but do consider you someone who knows what she’s doing.
      Some years ago we were stranded in Atlanta (on our way from Florida back home) and decided to make the most of it by having dinner at what was supposed to be the best Italian restaurant in Atlanta. I was shocked when the waiter offered to put parmigiano on spaghetti alle vongole. Luckily he explained that he was glad I was shocked, but that many patrons *demand* parmigiano because they think they are entitled to it on any pasta dish.


      1. Well, that explains it then! I didn’t think much about it at the time, but it certainly fits with your theory: there is nothing delicate about the flavor of Northwest hot-smoked salmon, which is the kind I prefer. 🙂


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