10,000 views and a second chance for early posts

According to WordPress statistics, as of today this blog has been viewed 10,000 times since it started almost 7 months ago. It’s great to see that the average number of daily views has gone up from 12 in December to 99 so far in June. I looked at the stats and noticed that some of my earlier posts still have a very low number of views and no likes, even though some of my best recipes are among them. To celebrate 10,000 views, I’m giving the best of my earlier posts a second chance. All these posts have no likes and less than 25 views.

1. Almond-coconut-lemon macarons: these are my favorite cookies; I never buy cookies and have been baking these for years almost on a weekly basis.

2. Ravioli with scallops and parsnip (also How to make fresh pasta only has 50 views and not a single like): the combination of parsnip and scallops is outstanding

3. Classic Dutch Apple Pie: always gets rave reviews

4. Italian bread: I always bake this bread with any dinner party

5. Pound cake: this post tells you how to keep it nice and moist

6 thoughts on “10,000 views and a second chance for early posts

  1. This is an excellent way to celebrate your 10000th view! I can’t wait to explore these posts you love to much.


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