Got tickets for Alinea!!!

I am so excited, because we will be in Chicago only one day in September and I’ve just managed to purchase tickets for dinner at Alinea for that very evening! So you can expect a full review with pictures after September 7. (I don’t know how soon, because we will be travelling in areas where internet coverage might be sparse.)

8 thoughts on “Got tickets for Alinea!!!

  1. Stefan, you scored choice 1, congratulations! If by some bizarre circumstance you happen to be in Chicago another day, you must try Topolobampo. Rick Bayless’ restaurant offers an amazing experience of familiar intertwined with unknown, and always executed perfectly.


  2. Been there and it is VERY good. Congrats! You will like it. I’ve also been to Topolobampo and was very unimpressed even though I really like Rick Bayless’ cookbooks and his TV show. His restaurant, to me, was a great disappointment but I have eaten at some incredible Mexican restaurants and spent numerous summers in Mexico. Chicago is full of wonderful restaurants. Enjoy yourself.


    1. Thanks! We will be there just for 1 day, then on to Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Bighorn, Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Rocky Mountains NP, Arches, Bryce, Zion, and ending in SLC to return our RV. Expecting to do a lot of grilling, unless you know of any interesting culinary destinations along the way?


      1. Don’t know any hot dining spots in the area you will be traveling but it is a HUGE tourist area and there will probably be a cafe/diner or two worth checking out. It’s beautiful country where you will be traveling. Enjoy!


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