Test – Scheduled Post

Dear readers,

Recently I have noticed a decreased number of visits, likes, and comments on my blog. I have also noticed that some of my posts (and some of others) do not show up in the WordPress.com reader. My theory is that these two phenomena are connected.

Could you please like this post or leave a comment when you see it in the WordPress.com reader?

As a test, I will publish a post “live” and I will schedule one to see if that makes any difference. This is the scheduled post.

Thanks for your co-operation!


26 thoughts on “Test – Scheduled Post

  1. Very strange. Both the scheduled and the unscheduled test post show up in my reader, so that doesn’t seem to make a difference. However, the “Burgundy is all about Terroir” post does not show up in my reader.


  2. I’ve noticed that WP can be inconsistent about what appears in the Reader. I’ve not discovered a rhyme or reason to what shows up and what doesn’t.


    1. The post about Burgundy that doesn’t show up in my reader only had 5 tags. I knew about that rule (although I didn’t know it would have that effect if broken). Do you see that one in the WP reader on your end? “Burgundy is all about Terroir” Thx…


    2. Hmmm I seem to have found a problem. I had tagged the post about Burgundy with “drinking”. As soon as I removed the tag, it showed up in my reader! Apparently they are banned tags…


  3. No I don’t think its that tag (I mean there are posts out there with tags a lot worse than that!) I think you are just suffering from a random intermittent fault (like my Audi but that costs a lot more than a post missing from the reader). I did a post a while ago that didn’t appear on the reader, and it really pissed me off because it took hours to write,

    I think (hush don’t tell wordpress) that wordpress is constantly buggering about with the platform and the features and so on, and when they change things it has an impact on the overall infrastructure.

    For example the big ‘notifications’ icon in the top right corner that allows you to view likes,.comments and follows is fairly ropey on my machine – sometimes I write a reply and press ‘reply’ and it just sits there and doesn’t load.

    Wouldn’t worry too much – re the post above I mentioned above – I added some more tags and it suddenly appeared!


    1. Thanks. It does worry me when less people get to see my posts though.
      The next step is to figure out whether the visibility of a post in the WP reader is the same for everyone, which would mean you could fiddle with the tags yourself to make it appear if needed…


  4. On a different note, I realized that not all e-mail subscribers show up on the Stats page or, sometimes, it takes weeks before they show up, while the ones who subscribe through WP show up instantly. WP seems to be a pretty stable platform but it does have some kinks.


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