Test – Unscheduled post

Dear readers,

Recently I have noticed a decreased number of visits, likes, and comments on my blog. I have also noticed that some of my posts (and some of others) do not show up in the WordPress.com reader. My theory is that these two phenomena are connected.

Could you please like this post or leave a comment when you see it in the WordPress.com reader?

As a test, I will publish a post “live” and I will schedule one to see if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your co-operation!


37 thoughts on “Test – Unscheduled post

  1. Still reading your excellent posts–and making your dishes–on a regular basis. The Pressure Cooker Boeuf Bourguignon was KILLER! (In American slang, that’s a good thing!).


  2. Once my post didn’t show up and I asked “help” why. I was told that if you have more than 15 tags and categories it is disqualified. So I reduced my tags to 12 and sure enough, the post turned up in the reader


    1. Your posts have been fine so far, but Conor’s are often missing. I just checked yesterday’s about mayo and I can’t find anything offensive about the number or nature of the tags there.


      1. Well, 2 weeks ago all of my email notifications were suddenly turned off. I had to go through and reset each blog so that I could receive an email whenever a new entry was posted. That’s not at all what you’re going through but it is a sign that things aren’t working as they should.


  3. I’m working very hard here in Dublin to keep you all amused and educated in the ways of the middle aged male amateur cook. How could WP do this to me!


  4. It’s a random problem , I too have had posts not show up in the reader, and sometimes what I see on the iPad reader is far less than on the PC! Figure that one out!


  5. Stefan
    I’m 80 years old and have recently taken up sous vide cooking. I read each and every of your posts and I attempt many of your recipes, some successfully and some not. I’m Canadian


    1. Hi Jack, that’s so great to hear! Thanks for leaving me such a nice message. Great that you’ve started cooking sous vide. If you ever have any questions about a recipe, please do not hesitate to ask!


  6. Hi Stefan … your posts are always a great pleasure to read but lately I have been caught up with all kinds of busy business … and that’s why I haven’t been commenting much. I actually haven’t even read some of the posts yet … but will do so con calma! keep at it, we love your blog!!!


  7. Interesting, Stefan. I, too, have experienced the very same phenomena. I study the numbers on the blog on a regular basis and am still trying to see if I can find some connection to why they go up or down. I never know what drives the site and don’t really worry about it inasmuch as it’s a pleasure center not a profit center. I’m thankful anyone reads my babblings. As it concerns my readings, several posts I simply follow and like from the WordPress Reader when they do something neat or have a beautiful photo. Others, like your posts, always require my attention. Consequently, I may not like or comment on your posts until I have read them thoroughly. I have repeatedly pondered self hosting given several of WP’s inadequacies but there is a certain life line to WP which I am currently unwilling to detach. In the meantime, I would be interested in what your research reveals.


          1. So do I! Some of them are quite clever. I recently received some very nice compliments in Italian and it was only through checking the web site address they linked to that I knew it was spam.


            1. Yep. Same here.
              As an aside, I didn’t get your package out but it’s ready, finally. I have been waiting around the house all day long on a wine shipment that requires 1) somebody be here and 2) they be over 21 to sign for it. As such, it tied me down all day and I haven’t been able to get to the US Postal Service to mail the package. I will definitely get it out Monday.


  8. I’ve found that my posts to appear in the reader categories (recipes and food) but not in the Blogs I Follow. They do however show up if after you’ve published them you go into your dashboard and “update” the post (you don’t need to make any actual alterations). I usually check as soon as my posts are published but yesterday I couldn’t for 3 hours and it still wasn’t there, so I don’t think it has much to do with some sort of time delay. Hope this helps!


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