Wagyu Short Ribs Sous-Vide

Beef short ribs sous-vide are great, and I already did a post on the best cooking time and temperature for them. With some experimenting I found that for ‘regular’ beef short ribs, 48 hours at 57ºC/135ºF is best. However, not all beef is alike and I found that for wagyu short ribs a lower temperature and longer cooking time are better: 72 hours at 55ºC/131ºF. I suppose I could stop the post here, but I’m going to show you the nice photos that I took 🙂

These are the raw wagyu short ribs. See how nicely marbled they are?

I seasoned them with salt and freshly ground black pepper and vacuum sealed them.

Then I cooked them sous-vide for 72 hours at 55ºC/131ºF. I tried one after only 48 hours, and found that it was still not completely tender.

When the beef short ribs come out of the sous-vide, they don’t look very appetizing yet as they haven’t been browned.

This can be remedied easily in some very hot clarified butter.

I served the beef short ribs with a red wine sauce. As you can see, the meat is medium rare all the way to the edge. You can only achieve this result using sous-vide. The wagyu short ribs have an amazing flavor because of the marbling and after 72 hours in the sous-vide cooker they are completely tender and medium rare at the same time.

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