Mussel Taco or Burrito

I had some leftover mussels and leftover wheat tortillas, and decided to make some mussel tacos or burritos. The main difference between a taco and burrito is the size: a taco is a snack, whereas a burrito is a full meal. The wheat tortillas I had were quite large (about 30 cm/12″), so this should probably be called a burrito, but if you use smaller tortillas you can use the same recipe to make tacos. I tried them with and without beans, and liked them better without as the mussels can be tasted better that way.


cooked mussels

wheat tortillas

sliced jalapeño

avocado wedges


freshly squeezed lime juice

tomato wedges


chilli powder (preferably New Mexico or similar)

cooked pinto beans (optional)


There isn’t much of a recipe.

If the mussels are still raw, put them in a pot with a bit of water. Cover and cook until the mussels are open, then take them out of their shells.

Season the mussels with chilli powder. I used 1/4 teaspoon for 125 grams (1/2 cup) of cooked mussel meat.

If using pinto beans, season those with chilli powder as well.

I prefer New Mexico chilli powder because it has a nice earthy flavor and is not as hot, so you can use more of it. Cayenne is much stronger, for example.

Sprinkle avocado slices with lime juice to prevent discoloring. Season tomatoes and avocado with salt.

Assemble the taco or burrito. Sprinkle with some more lime juice.

You could also add pinto beans to make it more filling.

5 thoughts on “Mussel Taco or Burrito

    1. How lovely and heart-warming to see your comment. Methinks there are many of us who fondly remember and have walked more than once down memory lane . . .

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  1. Since I don’t often cross the Pacific to visit Mexico must admit I had not thought of the simple difference twixt tacos and burritos tho’ these days we eat a lot of flatbreads Down Under. As I accidentally seem to have all your ingredients at home methinks one planned meal for the weekend may be booted in favour of this one 🙂 ! Very much my kind of food . . .

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    1. Definitely. It is of course a matter of balancing out the amount of ingredient and to use at least half mussels in the fillings (with the beans added I did not do that and the mussels were hard to taste). The New Mexico peperoncino is milder than Italian peperoncino.

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