Reposting this classic that I posted 10 years ago with updated photos.

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Note added August 28, 2022: This was one of the first recipes that I published on my blog, over 10 years ago. This still remains one of my favorites, even though I don’t prepare it very often anymore. I’ve recently made it again to teach it to a friend, and made photos along the way as both my equipment and photography skills have improved a lot over the last 10 years and these new photos do this wonderful dessert more justice. This time around I’ve made the tiramisù in individual servings rather than one large dish (which is almost impossible to serve neatly). Otherwise I make tiramisù exactly the same as 10 years ago and I’ve left the recipe the same.

Not very original, but this remains one of my favorite desserts. “Tira mi su” literally means “pull me up”, and that refers to the lightness of this dessert. Yes…

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5 thoughts on “Tiramisù

  1. For the second time in a week fully agree the individual serving method appeals far more than the inevitable ‘mess’ from a larger dish . . . May not often prepare dessert but this one is always on the short-list when i do . . . thanks !

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