Dining in Italy: Lo Stuzzichino

Lo Stuzzichino is just around the corner from Don Alfonso in Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi. It is an osteria that has been recognized by many guides as one of the best trattorie in Italy, including tre gamberi by Gambero Rosso. It offers local traditional dishes, both à la carte and a tasting menu Del Buon Ricordo consisting of 5 courses for 55 euros (plus 2.50 cover charge), including a glass of Franciacorta as aperitif and amaro to finish. The appetizer served with the aperitif was bruschetta with cherry tomatoes that were lightly roasted in the oven. The tomatoes were amazingly flavorful.

I picked a nice bottle of local wine from the extensive wine list: a blend of three local authentic varieties (Fenile, Ginestra, Ripoli) from the Amalfi Coast. A complex and balanced wine with a nice freshness. It was a good accompaniment for all of the dishes.

The first antipasto was strips of cuttlefish with green peppers (slightly spicy) and cherry tomatoes, garnished with crispy strands of tomato skin. The cuttlefish was tender and flavorful.

The second antipasto was peperoni imbottiti alla Sorrentina, which is a roasted bell pepper stuffed with bread.

The primo piatto was ravioli stuffed with ricotta and lemon zest, served with vongole. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the combination with the vongole was very nice.

The secondo was grilled ricciola (also known as hamachi, amberjack, kingfish or yellowtail) with a tomato salad. Again very flavorful tomatoes.

The dessert was simply called Sorrento lemon delight, and consisted of layers of sponge cake and layers of a lemon cream, garnished with lemon zest. I thought it was like a lemon version of tiramisu.

To finish the meal: Amaro del Monte San Costanzo.

Lo Stuzzichino offers great value for money. The food is very good and the service very friendly. The dishes taste like they were prepared by local grandmothers. The restaurant has a lot of tables and is very busy. But the owner, Mimmo, is constantly present to make sure that everyone is having a good time. I can certainly understand why this is such a famous osteria that has wone many prizes.


7 thoughts on “Dining in Italy: Lo Stuzzichino

  1. What a delight to read ! Proving one can downsize meat usage and still end up with a delightful menu . . . at a very affordable price ! Lecky and clever you . . . !!!

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