Turbot sous-vide Asian style

The inspiration for this preparation came from having steamed turbot at a Chinese restaurant. The fish was steamed with fresh ginger, spring onions and chilli pepper and I liked it a lot. I tried to make something similar sous-vide and it came out even better! The texture of sous-vide turbot is amazing, and the Asian seasonings paired well with the fish without overpowering it.


For two servings

Fillets of 1 turbot, skin on (around 900 grams or 2 pounds)

2-3 cm (1 inch) of fresh ginger root

green of 2 spring onions

1/2 fresh chilli pepper


soy sauce


Slice the green of the spring onions thinly. Slice half of a chilli pepper thinly (discard the seeds if you don’t like it hot). Peel the ginger and cut into thin strips (julienne).

Season the fish side of the turbot fillets with salt.

Brush the skin side of the turbot fillets lightly with soy sauce.

Put the fillets into individual pouches. Put the chilli pepper, ginger and spring onions on both sides and try to spread evenly. Vacuum seal the pouches and refridgerate for a few hours to marinate.

Cook sous-vide for 20 minutes at 49C/120F.

I served it with stir-fry vegetables and fried rice. Don’t eat the skin, and you may want to remove the ginger, spring onions and red pepper from the fish side before eating to avoid overpowering the fish.

Wine pairing

Ginger is always difficult to pair, but we had this Chilean gewürztraminer from Cono Sur with this dish and that paired very well. The Cono Sur gewürztraminer is a light dry style, I would not recommend to pair this dish with a very heavy sweeter style gewürtraminer. Riesling or sauvignon blanc might also work.


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