Improvised Chicken Fajitas

Some believe that I only eat food at the level of Alinea, or at least cooked
sous-vide. But since one does have to eat, I do adjust to the circumstances and, depending on the circumstances, will eat almost everything.
As we are currently touring national parks in Utah and Wyoming with an RV, quite some adjustment is necessary. Luckily I can enjoy what I’m eating anyway. The burners in the RV are so bad that it takes 15 minutes to bring half a liter (2 cups) of water to a boil. So cooking on those is out. But at the campsite in Grand Teton National Park we do have our own firepit with grill, and with a little improvisation we made these delicious chicken fajitas. Another nice thing is that for a change we were cooking together.

We wrapped bell pepper strips and onion rings with salt, pepper and olive oil
in aluminum foil.

We cooked these packages for half an hour on the grill.

Then we opened up the packages and put them directly on the glowing charcoal to brown them a little.

Meanwhile, we seasoned boneless and skinless chicken thighs with salt and pepper and coated them with olive oil. Fajitas are often marinated in beer, wine or water with Mexican herbs and garlic, but we didn’t have the herbs nor the time.

Since the grill was too far away from the glowing charcoal, we decided to cook the chicken on another grill, much closer to the charcoal.

When the chicken was done, we cut it in strips. The peppers, onion and chicken
were kept warm wrapped in foil on the grill. We assembled our fajitas on the grill to lightly toast the tortillas.

We also added store-bought salsa, fresh tomatoes, and grated cheese. The store-bought salsa was ‘all natural’ with ingredients that I would also have used for one made from scratch.

The fajitas tasted great, but perhaps that was due in part to the trouble making them and the great view on Jackson Lake.

3 thoughts on “Improvised Chicken Fajitas

  1. It made me laugh to think of you wishing for your Sous Vide equipment and having to wrap stuff in foil for the BBQ. ‘Needs must’ is an appropriate expression here. Enjoy the trip. I am envious.


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