Dining in Spain: Lasarte**

Since we were in Spain to eat at El Celler de Can Roca anyway, we decided to use the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Barcelona and have a nice dinner in that city as well. Our neighbors had recently visited Barcelona and recommended two-Michelin starred Lasarte, so that’s where we went.

There is a smaller “Lasarte” menu for lunch on weekdays, but apart from à la carte we could only choose the 10-course tasting menu for 125 euros. We weren’t so sure whether the 78 euro “harmonia de vins” would be such a good idea, as that is quite a lot of money for only four different wines to combine with the 10 different courses, but the sommelier assured us that the wines matched very well and that we would get as much as we liked. The latter was true, but we would have preferred 10 different wines similar to Can Roca. The wines we got were a good cava, a good albariño (white), an excellent local red from tempranillo, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and garnatxa, and a nice pédro ximenez. The wines were OK with the food, but that’s about it.

There were a lot of amuse bouche before the actual menu started. The first set was basically some very simple tapas: potato croquettes, almonds, melon, olives with grapefruit (interesting but good combination), and a bacon-and-cheese mousse.

Next was this little tart with apple and foie gras, much much better than a similar dish we got at l’Astrance in Paris last month.

The final amuse was raw cockles with a very light beetroot mousse. The last two amuses were delicious. 9/10 for all the amuses together.

The first real course of the menu: red tuna tartare with cucumber and spicy shrimp crackers.

Here is a close up of the shrimp cracker. If you look closely, you can see the tiny ‘shrimp’ that were depicted on them. I think the shrimp crackers were made mostly of shrimp shells.

The tuna tartare by itself was good, but the combination of the two was amazing. 10/10

Lightly smoked oyster on the grill with soft cream of Figueres, small squid ragout and crispy tubers. I had never had smoked oyster before, and I really liked it despite the slightly chewy texture. The combination of all the flavors worked very well and the fake pearls were a nice touch. 9/10

Vegetable leaves salad, herbs, sprouts and petals with lettuce cream and lobster. The ‘aspic’ made the dish come together. I’m not sure what the point was of the small piece of lobster. 8/10

Tempered beef steak slices on fois gras curd, iodized salad and mustard ice cream. The almost raw beef was very flavorful and tender, and worked well with the mustard ice cream. 9/10

Red prawn, royale of sea urchins, caviar of goat’s burned milk and almond. There were quite some similarities to the dinner at Can Roca: both had oyster, prawn, and pigeon. This was the most similar dish in terms of the texture of the prawn, but the garnishes were very different. Good combination of flavors. 8/10

Farmhouse egg (poached sous-vide) with sautéed wild mushrooms, scented meat juice, Iberan gill and truffled cheese shard. Good. 8/10

Low-temperature cooked monkfish settled on onions and paprika marmalade, braised endive with barnacles tarama and black olives. The monkfish worked well with the red wine, but was not as tender as at Librije. 8/10

Roast pigeon, ragout of pork, tomato and lemon with apple cream and interiors toast. Tender juicy pigeon cooked perfectly medium-rare. 8/10

Beetroot and yogurt cold cream, micro hazelnut cake, cocoa and cerials infusion. The ‘ice cream’ was a bit of a palate cleanser, and I really liked the hazelnut cookies. 9/10

French toast with frozen coffee crème and plum compote. An upgraded version of a traditional local dessert. Good pairing with the PX. 9/10

The ‘petit fours’ that came with the coffee were good and served with some fresh pineapple juice.

The service at Lasarte is very professional, more so than at Can Roca, and just as friendly. 9/10

I would not recommend the matching wines, since there are only 4 wines for 10 courses and there is no ‘magic’ between the wines and the food. 7/10

The food however is outstanding, especially given the very reasonable pricetag. 9/10

Definitely worth the two stars!

12 thoughts on “Dining in Spain: Lasarte**

  1. Very interesting and creative. Funny, I just tried smoked oysters for the first time last week when we were camping in Texas. Sounds strange to say camping as we’re not campers but there you go. 🙂 They were interesting and the texture wasn’t what I was expecting. I think I prefer them fried.


  2. Stefan, seems like a winner. If you like this, you may consider Basque country for your next trip. The millefeuille and salad (which changes according to the season) are also served at Berasategui, both are some of my favorite dishes there, together with squid ravioli. Growing Paynes and Stefan, I am anxious to learn your verdict on smoked oyster (any grilled dish actually) after you have visited Etxebarri and Elkano. If you want to I am more than willing to provide advice on itineraries.


    1. As a matter of fact, I am working on planning a culinary trip to San Sebastian. I am trying to get a table at Arzak, but am unsure which other restaurant to go to. Berasategui or Mugaritz? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  3. Good to hear! You will love it. Let’s call Tuesday night? Arzak is 1 star food for 3 star prices. Mugaritz I haven’t been but is racing downhill apparently. Akelare trades taste for presentation in my opinion. Berasategui is very good. However for me the real stars are Etxebarri, Elkano and the pinxtos bars.


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