Mexican Street Corn (Elotes Asados)

Mexican street corn is my favorite way to eat corn. It is so tasty and easy to make when grilling. I was introduced to it by Richard and make it often, but it has only been mentioned on the blog rather than featured.

You will need corn on the cob, sour cream, grated cheese, chile powder, salt, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Count on about 125 ml (1/2 cup) of sour cream for each 4 corn husks.

Fold the husk over to serve as a handle. Grill the corn on a charcoal fire, turning it regularly so it will be cooked evenly.

The corn is done if it is slightly charred.

First slather the corn with sour cream.

Then season with salt and chile powder.

New Mexico chile powder is my favorite, as it is not too spicy and has a lot of fruity and earthy flavor.

Finish with grated cheese and a squeeze of lime juice. Here I used parmigiano reggiano, which is not Mexican but it does work very well.

I have also seen recipes that use butter or mayonnaise instead of the sour cream, or that use minced cilantro or garlic.

10 thoughts on “Mexican Street Corn (Elotes Asados)

    1. Hi Nadia, I have not been to Mexico to confirm, but according to Richard mayonnaise, butter, and sour cream are all used. I have also seen this on several recipes on Mexican websites (in Spanish). The proper cheese to use is cotija, but that is not available here.

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      1. I have been to Mexico often and have even done a cooking class for 5 days on Mexican cuisine having lived in Los Angeles and maybe it is regional but I assure you that I have not seen it on the street with mayo or sour cream.

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      2. A choice of cream or mayonnaise was the norm in the olden days, but mayo took over at street stands due to its longer shelf life; I have also found that P-R cheese is an excellent approximation to cotija for corn on the cob 👍. I think Nadia might be referring to charred corn being eaten more often without the dairy additions, and boiled corn being the traditional substrate for the full toppings, although that is all changing, as you said, many cooks are doing it, especially in the US, but even in Mexico. It’s great seeing this iconic Mexican snack being prepared and featured in the Netherlands!

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  1. *smile at the above conversation* I am not overly fond of corn but have grilled and eaten it holding onto the husk as you have described. As I do not use mayonnaise as a rule and rarely have sour cream or even butter in the house, the cobs have probably been eaten with just some sprinkled herbs and spices. Did not know to put ‘Mexican’ onto the mode of preparation . . . As this came to you from late Richard, could one not describe it as Tex-Mex ?


  2. I saw this on Facebook the other day and was smitten! I just love the look of the corn, all bundled up in the finely grated cheese. We only grill corn using this method, we just love the caramelized kernels and slightly smoky flavour, plus it gets rid of the silk easily.

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