Food Blogging International: Le Ricette di Baccos


It is always a joy to meet fellow food bloggers. Marina of Le Ricette di Baccos and I have been following each other’s food blogs for almost two years now. Since we were visiting her home town of Udine as part of our vacation in Italy, it was an excellent opportunity to meet in real life. Marina invited us over for dinner. I had brought my immersion circulator from home, in order to prepare sous-vide sea bass for Marina and Luigi and demonstrate a bit of what a difference sous-vide can make.


Marina prepared Frico for us, a local dish with potatoes and Montasio cheese. I have already bought a chunk of Montasio to prepare this when I get home, so stay tuned to read about it on the blog. She also made prosciutto di San Daniele, pumpkin and Montasio gnocchetti, pork loin stuffed with pistachios and prosciutto, cherry tomato gratin, and a berry tart. It was all delicious and a we had a great evening. Visit the Stefan’s Gourmet Blog Facebook page to see all the photos.

Marina and Luigi showed Kees and myself a wonderful time, and even took us on a tour to show the sites of Udine the following morning. Grazie Marina e Luigi!


9 thoughts on “Food Blogging International: Le Ricette di Baccos

  1. Che bello! Quando ne abbiamo parlato mi è dispiaciuto che non ci potessimo incontrare durante la tua vacanza in Italia. Sono felice che tu abbia passato una bella serata con Marina. Ha cucinato per voi un pasto tipico e delizioso del suo territorio, ma so che anche tu hai fatto una bella figura con il tuo piatto!!

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